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4 Things Daycare and Preschool Educators Do to Help Children Read

4 Things Daycare and Preschool Educators Do to Help Children ReadReading is a skill that is developed and enhanced through early childhood education. As a parent or guardian, you might be teaching your child to read at home. But in school, educators employ a variety of techniques and other factors to help your child learn how to read.

  • Setting up an environment suitable for reading

    Like adults, children need to have a peaceful and quiet environment to read and understand a body of text. Teachers sometimes set up a reading area for children, where they can squat or sit down while reading. They also make sure that the children are comfortable and are interested in reading.

  • Teaching nursery rhymes, songs, and poems

    Nursery rhymes and poems aren’t just meant to be read by children. Teachers transform these literary pieces into songs that the children can sing or dance along to. This way, children learn effectively.

  • Reading a story to the class

    Teachers set the standards for their pupils. For instance, when teachers read a story to the whole class, pupils will get an idea on how to read properly. Teachers can also bring light to difficult words and parts of the story that children cannot understand. Furthermore, reading a story to the class can make children reflect and share their ideas about the story being read to them.

  • Using illustrations, videos, and music as accompaniment

    Unlike adults, children are more inclined toward colors and images. They’re also keen on hearing sounds. Stories are best understood by children if you present illustrations, videos, or music. When teachers arrange or add books to the classroom’s bookshelf, they make sure to place books that attract children’s interest.

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