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4 Tips: How You Can Teach Your Child to Care for Others

4 Tips: How You Can Teach Your Child to Care for Others

In our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York, we recognize that a child’s overall learning does not just comprise of their academic achievements. Without good character, their educational background will not do anything to make them better contributors to the society later on life.

Because of this, we advocate for the holistic development of children. Not only should they be adept with their learning skills, but they also have to learn how to relate well with others. While we know that every parent has a unique pattern of teaching their children at home, we can also offer the following tips on how children can be encouraged to be thoughtful and concerned towards other children.

  1. Care for Them Every Day

    The values we want to teach our children are first made evident in our homes. A child often tends to learn what their parents are doing rather than on what they’re saying. Hence, if you want to inculcate the value of being caring in your child, care for them at home. With simple gestures of love and affection, or preparing their meals, or assisting them for school, these can be a starting point for them to feel that they matter a lot to their moms and dads. Eventually, they will learn to channel this out to other children.

  2. Teach the Value of Kindness

    While we’ve previously mentioned that actions tend to be more influential than words, verbally teaching our child about kindness can also have a powerful influence. Your teachings will serve as their guiding light on what they ought to do in every circumstance. When they repeatedly hear you to consider how others feel, they will be able to acquire a deeper understanding of this later on in life.

  3. Practice Kindness Through a Project

    Projects may be a familiar term in our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York. However, you can also create something like this at home, wherein your child can participate and apply how to be kind to others. You can try donating to charities or giving food to the homeless. Their actual participation gives them a tangible example of how concern for others looks like.

  4. Validate Their Feelings

    Being able to care for others involves discerning the feelings of others. Our preschoolers may be able to wonder why another child is crying. But the sense of empathizing with the other child’s feelings may be challenging for them to do yet. Still, when you practice validating their emotions, such as frustrations, anger, or joy, they can learn to see this in others. They will also learn to copy your response to their emotions and show the same concern towards other children.

Being a daycare and preschool provider, we greatly support your every endeavor to build up your child. Our team at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool joins you in nurturing your child not only through early childhood education but also with life-lasting values.

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