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5 Educational Games to Play with Your Toddlers

5-Educational-Games-to-Play-with-Your-ToddlersChildren absorb whatever they can from their everyday experiences. This is especially true between ages one to three years old when kids are at their most curious – constantly asking questions and wondering why things are what they are. As parents and guardians, it is our duty to help them learn in ways that are both effective and efficient, adding a little bit of fun and excitement into the equation to further boost learning.

It’s no secret that the right kind of games can do wonders for your little tikes. For children, the learning journey isn’t just about gaining knowledge or developing new skills, it’s also about having fun and enjoying the experience. Check out our list of fun and educational games that will make playtime so much more fulfilling for your toddlers.

  • Hide and Seek. There is no better way to teach your child to problem solve than through hide and seek! If you’re not too fond of hiding, you can simply hide an object and tell them to find it. Explore the many ways to engage in this game and find out which one suits you and your child best.
  • Simon Says. A classic go-to game idea for parents who wish to teach their kids to follow instructions, Simon Says should definitely be a regular on the agenda during playtime. The rules couldn’t get any simpler: As Simon, all you have to do is call out a command and your kid or kids have to follow them. This game is ideal for helping your children learn the names of the things or body parts you command them to touch.
  • Hot and Cold. Here’s yet another way to boost your child’s problem-solving skills. Hot and cold involves hiding an object, your child’s favorite stuffed animal for instance, and having them find it. The closer they get to it, the warmer they are; while the farther they wander away from it, the colder they get. This game teaches your child patience and perseverance.
  • Scavenger Hunt. A scavenger hunt is an incredibly fun way for your kids to learn. All you have to do is command them to retrieve an object of a particular shape, size, or color, or a whole bunch of stuff and ask them to identify which one is of a certain shape, size, or color.
  • Obstacle Course. A fun and safe obstacle course is a great way to promote fitness, coordination, and balance. Whether you plan on utilizing the space in your living room or backyard for these courses, make sure the entire area is safe for your children to play in.

We understand how busy parents can get and why, sometimes, they may not have time to organize and facilitate educational games for their toddlers. Fret not parents out there, for reputable childcare centers such as Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool are here to help your kids engage in the right kinds of games that will further boost their cognitive, physical, and emotional skills while making their learning journey so much more fun and fulfilling.

Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, looks forward to teaming up with parents, guardians, and kids in making playtime the most fun and educational experience. For more info on our programs, please visit our page at

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