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7 Roles of a Parent in Education

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Education is one of the best investments parents should spend their money, time and energy in. But what is the use of education in the first place? Why must we, as parents, do our very best to be a part of our child’s education. Being a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, we have seen a HUGE RATE of improvement in the learning of our little learners the moment their parents became hands on with their education.

We have listed 7 roles parents should have in the education of their child and these roles are as follows:

1. Role Model
Whatever you do, remember that your kids will follow it. So if you study too, your kids will also study. This is also applicable when it comes to showing love, values, organization, time management, and any skills under the sun.

2. Dream Investigator
Dreams are not just something to be crushed; they are the motivation and inspiration of the child to do the best that they can be. So find out what your child’s dream is and cultivate it from there.

3. Facilitator of Knowledge
As a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, we do not study or introduce topics to the learners the way we want to study or introduce topics to our own self. We discover how your child learns best. In this manner, we teach the child not on what to learn but how to learn.

4. Bedtime Storyteller
We often see this in movies but did you know that parents who read to their child help their child improve in a million ways in school? It is proven that storytelling can develop their imagination and will tickle their mind to think before going to bed.

5. Bridge
Connect the learning of your beloved child at school to everyday life and eventually, to the world. Do not just leave these fruits of knowledge stagnant on their lives. Make it meaningful so that they will use it in the future.

6. Guide
It is easy to be a tutor and teach your child about his or her assignments and activities. Heck, it is even much easier to do the activity and/or assignments yourself. But it is not easy to make your child responsible for his or her learning. You should strive to be your child’s guide than being their tutor.

7. Teacher
You are the very first teacher of your child. Never rely on your child’s teachers to impart knowledge to them. You are the one who taught your child to poop, to eat, to do household chores and, most especially, to live.

Aside from those listed above, it is also the role of the parents to send their children to an institution of learning. It is in this institution that children get to learn skills and other bodies of knowledge that are not learned at home.

We believe that it is best to introduce children to learning as soon as possible so sent them to Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, the best Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York.

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