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8-Point Tricks to Strengthen Your Child’s Memory

8-Point Tricks to Strengthen Your Child’s MemoryGreat working memory is very essential for your child’s learning progress. As a quality daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York, here are tricks you can employ to greatly improve your child’s ability to remember.

  1. Play games that involve visual memory.
    For instance, when you’re outdoors, you can play letter-spotting, wherein you have to spot for a particular letter in everything you pass by. This helps them to remember these letters and the rules of your game.
  2. Help them to visualize.
    When asking them to do some things, encourage them to create a mental picture of how it looks like. For instance, when you want them to play in a public playground, help them to picture out the color of the slide, how many swings, and other aspects. This practice can get better over time, and as a result, they will be able to describe a situation from memory in more detail.
  3. Play card games.
    Most of the card games make use of brain-enhancing skills. Aside from remembering the rules, they also have to picture out the other cards, as well as their own so they will know the next move to make.
  4. Give them time to read.
    Reading is part of the superb preschool programs in Rego Park, New York that we provide. In this, we recognize that reading plays a key role not just in their learning but also in their memory. Ask them what they read about so their memory skills are sharpened.
  5. Ask your child to teach you something.
    When your child is able to explain or show something, their sense of information is enhanced, strengthening their ability to file details mentally. For instance, you can ask them about how to kick a ball or draw a cat.
  6. Relay instructions one step at a time.
    Especially when your child is still a toddler, helping them actively remember their task is best achieved when done once at a time. This is also applicable if you’re trying to get them started with a routine. Eventually, your child will be able to absorb the instructions all throughout.
  7. Encourage associations.
    As a leading daycare and preschool provider, we say that allowing your child to associate a learning objective with real and actual experience can reinforce their memory. Aside from teaching them how to brush their teeth, assist them also when they do it.
  8. Make use of all their senses.
    When conversing with your child, try as much as possible to let them use more than one sense. Aside from asking them to do something, let them see an item or allow them to touch it. You can also write visual aids so your child’s remembrance can even be sharpened.

At Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, you have a trusted partner in providing quality learning outcomes for your child. When you’re interested to enrol your child to us, feel free to inquire from our staff anytime.

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