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Activities Inside a Toddler’s Class

Activities Inside a Toddler’s ClassEnrolling our child in a preschool or in a toddler’s class is somehow exasperating, given that we are also busy attending on our jobs. The most difficult part is choosing the ideal preschool for our child that will take good care of our child and of course, a preschool that is worthy of every centavo that we paid for our service.

There are many programs that offer preschool or toddler’s class, however, we must be extra careful in choosing. We must make sure that the activities inside a toddler’s class is either not too lousy for our child that might bore him or an activity that is not too energy draining that our child will be very tired at the end of the day.

To help you with that, Baby Steps Daycare Preschool has prepared a list of activities that are good for your child. Here are some of the activities appropriate for a toddler:

  • Memorizing/Knowing Numbers.

    Memorizing numbers from one to ten is an easy task for a child to do, however, the main task for them now is to know these numbers. Two apples in a basket is different from saying the word two. Just because your child memorize the word “two” does not mean that he or she knows what number two look like or how many apple are there in a number “two”. An excellent educator from a good preschool will absolutely help your child with that.

  • Categorizing colors.

    This activity should always be a part of any preschool activities. If a child knows what green looks like or that the sky’s color is blue (or sky blue) will help him appreciate the importance of colors in his or her everyday like. A perfect example of the importance of color is the traffic lights. This activity is far from boring if the educator will use real objects or through “coloring session” to brighten up the discussion.

  • Tell apart shapes.

    Rather than discussing to them what triangle, rectangle or circle looks like for a day, you can give them an activity where they will name things that can be found inside the school and house that has a shape on it. You can also prepare a group activity that tasks them to make a house through the use of Lego blocks.

  • Recycling used materials.

    This will sharpen and nurture your child’s motor skills as well as his imagination and creativity. This can be a tough job for you especially if your child loves to move around. Recycling used materials can also help him or her to develop his/her concentration to finish his or her project in time.

  • Classifying textures.

    Covering your child’s eyes and letting him or her classify the texture by letting his or her hand touch a specific object will heightened his/her sensory skills. You can also use a moon sand to test his or her skills, fabricate excellent motor skills and have fun.

  • Showing talents.

    You can schedule a particular date and time for your child to show his or her newly acquired talents or skills. He or she can present a new song, a new dance step and show his/her photography collections or drawing collections. Through this, your child will have a sense of pride and he or she will nurture his or her social skills as well as self confidence.

These activities can help your child nurture his/her holistic well being that is why as a devoted and loving parent to your child, you must see to it that he or she will be exposed to these activities. Good news is that these activities are offered in the finest Daycare and preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, so, there is nothing that you should worry about. For more information about the services we offered, log in to

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