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No to Bullying: 5 Effective Tips to Teach Child Not to Bully

Learning that your little one is picking on other children is a shocking and disconcerting news. Your initial reaction would probably be in denial. “My child is too sweet to do such thing!” Well, no matter how sweet your little … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Child is Stressed

Child stress may be an unfamiliar concept to you. After all, what could they be possibly stress about? It’s certainly not the bills or the mortgage. It may be laughable to some, but children, like any human, can feel the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Going Beyond Your Child’s Academic Learnings

Their education is the most important legacy you can leave for them. Their ability to read, write, and learn will take them to places and help them get the most out of a successful life. However, going beyond the academic … Continue reading

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4 Things Daycare and Preschool Educators Do to Help Children Read

Reading is a skill that is developed and enhanced through early childhood education. As a parent or guardian, you might be teaching your child to read at home. But in school, educators employ a variety of techniques and other factors … Continue reading

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How Do Children Develop their Social Skills in School?

Your child must be very excited to go to school. But you are worried about him/her. Will your child make any friends? Will your child be able to adjust to a new environment and pressure of learning? Will your child … Continue reading

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