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Reasons Why you Should Invest on Summer Activities for your Child

What are the known activities kids engage in during the summer season? What are other activities your child wants to partake? Do you find these activities useful for the holistic development of your little one? We believe that time is … Continue reading

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Characteristics of an Ideal Learning Environment for Children

Before we list the different characteristics of an ideal learning environment for children, we first need to define what a learning environment is. What comes to mind when you think of a learning environment? Is it simply limited to an … Continue reading

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Things every Parent Should Know About Separation Anxiety

Kids below six years old are clingy – in a sense that they would want to stay held by their mothers or fathers all the time. When their parents are off of sight, their immediate reaction is to cry and … Continue reading

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Why should you enroll your child at preschool?

United States is undeniably an educated country. It offers the best state-owned or state-funded academes, as well as private educational institutions, to guide their population to their individual career goals. Learning starts at the early age of one to two. … Continue reading

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Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 2)

Because making friends is never easy, we decide to make a part 2 of our list of easy tips to help your child gain some friends. If you have not read the first part of the blog, we recommend you … Continue reading

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