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Preschool: Is it Really Important for Your Child?

Is your child at the ideal age but you’re still doubtful if she should go to preschool? Most parents think twice of enrolling their child in a preschool due to the expenses attached to it. But as a good parent, … Continue reading

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How to tell if Your Child is ready for Preschool

It is crucial for you to consider your child’s needs and enroll her to a preschool anytime soon, whenever she’s ready. Preschool is a great way to help your child learn various skills and support development. But how can you … Continue reading

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3 Signs that Your Child might be a Genius

A child from London was discovered to have an IQ of 159. It is an IQ level that is at par with Einstein as recorded by scientists. Another child from US has an IQ of 160 and has started reading … Continue reading

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What to Expect in a Kids’ Summer Camp?

Who does not love camping? We are pretty sure that our childhood would not be complete without experiencing a summer camp even just once. It is where we get to meet the first few of our childhood friends and do … Continue reading

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How to be Involved in Your Child’s Education

Who is your kid’s first teacher? Is it their very first preschool teacher? Is it their grandmother? No. You, their parents, are their first teacher. You taught them how flush the toilet after they pee. You even taught them how … Continue reading

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