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Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 1)

Friends are people we enjoy being with in times of distress. They are people whom we share our secrets with. These individuals are our inspiration to move on, and they help us pursue our endeavors in life. Building friendship is … Continue reading

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Four Secrets to Creating a Happy Preschooler

According to child development experts, your preschooler’s happiness is something you have to teach him. Because real happiness in a child is inner, you need to help him develop inner tools he can depend on throughout his life. However, you … Continue reading

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Four Tips for Parents when Dealing with Preschooler Tantrums

Although tantrums may be less frequent when your child reaches the preschool years, when they hit, they are as difficult as ever. These are likely to continue to flare up when they reach the grade school years. But tantrums are … Continue reading

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The “Early Education” Factor In The Success of Effective Adults

Successful people would often quote that the success they have reached started from small little steps. We say that this couldn’t be any true. In fact, we believe that every successful adult was once a successful child. We strongly believe … Continue reading

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Some Awesome Tips to Help you Pick the Right Toys for your Toddler or Preschooler

Millions of toys are in the market and manufacturers continue to introduce new ones every year. Toys are meant to be for fun. They are a significant part of a child’s development. However, many children are treated in hospitals for … Continue reading

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