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Daycare and Preschool Education Mission in Forest Hills NY

Are you looking for a Daycare in Queens?

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Are you looking for a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York?

At Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool I, you will find a day care facility with a mission to develop your child to become the best that he or she can be.

Our Mission at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool I
To teach children life skills that go beyond reading, writing and math.

Playing with toys helps develop motor skills, and teaches lessons about sharing with friends. Singing songs while washing hands instills an interest in the arts while forging social bonds and educating children about the need for good hygiene. Each activity is designed with a specific lesson or outcome in mind.

We provide a balance between choice and structured activities, between group and individual pursuits, and between teacher and child-directed experiences. We teach seasonally relevant lessons. For example, children learn about spiders in spring and farming in fall. And, we give families the tools to continue the education at home.

We want to improve our student’s study and social skills while allowing space for independent development. We encourage students to set reasonable goals and support them in finding solutions to problems that arise along the way. Enable students to develop socially and emotionally and support students in their transition to adulthood.

For more information about our Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, you may give us a call at 718-559-8717 or set an appointment with us.

Contact Information

  • Owner: Julia Malayeva
    99-06 Metropolitan Avenue
    Forest Hills, New York 11375
  • Phone: 718-559-8717