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Children’s Corner: 5 Important Benefits of Play for Children

Children’s Corner: 5 Important Benefits of Play for ChildrenChildren are naturally energetic. They utilize this energy by running and playing around with kids in the neighborhood. When they display their very active side, it can be arduous to look after them and follow them wherever they go. But as parents, we need to support plays like these because of the many benefits they offer. Listed below are some of the reasons why play is important for our kids:

  • It is a fun way to exercise

    Exercising is important not only for adults but for younger people as well. Unfortunately, kids these days often choose video games and gadgets over exercising which should not be the case, especially because this phase is the most important part of their growth and development. With the help of outdoor and interactive games, the problems regarding the lack of exercise and slower growth and development will be helped.

  • It encourages social interaction

    Interactive games encourage your kids to meet other people. Through these, they can make new friends that can be their peers for a long time. It can also improve their communication skills, especially when they meet and introduce themselves to new faces they see around the neighborhood. Furthermore, such interactions and friendships can make their childhood days a happier one.

  • It improves mental functioning

    Playing does not only improve their physical and social skills. It is also important in their mental functioning, especially when these games encourage them to think. It also enhances their problem-solving and decision-making skills which are useful when they reach their school age in the future.

  • It teaches values and life lessons

    Similar to storytelling, plays can be utilized to teach values and life lessons to our children. Interactive activities will teach them how to assist others when they need help, sportsmanship, and determination to achieve their personal goals among other life lessons. It will also teach them the value of sportsmanship and that not all things will come in their favor.

  • It helps families to bond

    Playing is not exclusive for children. In fact, playing with your kids will improve your relationship with one another. It will also encourage them to open up knowing that their parents are trying hard to communicate with them on their level. It will also leave you reminiscing the past as a child that will help you understand the capabilities and limits of your children at their age.

Playing is a natural activity for children. Some might think that playing around can be bad for our kids, but it will actually result in the opposite. Let your kids engage in safe, fun, and favorable activities by enrolling them in Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool. As a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, we help improve the different aspects of the children’s lives by encouraging and promoting safe and fun plays.

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