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For the Love of Learning: Helpful Tips to Set up a Library at Home

For the Love of Learning: Helpful Tips to Set up a Library at Home

Do you agree that there’s so much learning from reading? We do, too! As a daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York, we put a high emphasis on the productive learning growth of your child when they’re under our care. In our programs, reading is one of the leading activities we provide for the children because we know how strategic this is to bring out their potentials.

However, we also acknowledge that our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York come only second to your influence and practices at home. So as your backup in this lifelong learning, we encourage you to nurture a love for learning in your child by giving them access to as many reading materials as you can.

How does setting up a library at home sound?

Don’t think about not having enough space at home. Here are simple tips you can use:

  • Set a table with well-arranged books
    When your place is spatially challenged, you can start out with a table for frequently read books. Secure this in a corner at home where the books can be easily seen and accessed. Just make sure to put bookends to keep your literature pieces from falling off unnecessarily. The easy access to books can help your family members, especially the younger ones, to see that learning is as easy as getting, opening, and reading these materials.
  • Set up a DIY bookshelf
    If you have a lot of books and you find that your space at home is limited, you can set up a do-it-yourself bookshelf. Secure these shelves on the top spaces so that they will not take up space on the floor. If you can create cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen area, then you can allot space for DIY bookshelves. When you really want to, you can find these spaces at home so your books will have a safe place to be in.
  • Arrange books alphabetically
    The arrangements of your books can also encourage your children to read. Just like any library, arrange your books alphabetically by title, so that it will be easy to locate a specific item. This can also exercise your child’s familiarity with titles and reading, as you encourage them to put the book in their rightful location.
  • Care for the books at home
    Teach your child about caring for books as this gives them a glimpse of how important these materials are. When reading, encourage them to use bookmarks and not folding the page corners. Also, store the books in places where moisture, mice, and molds can’t reach them easily. These simple care practices are able to train your child to value reading by valuing books to read.

When it comes to integrating learning and fun, our child-experts at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool can assist your little one with that. If you’re interested in our learning programs, especially in inspiring your child to love learning, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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