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Fortify Your Toddler’s Interest in Learning

Fortify Your Toddler’s Interest in LearningGrowing children have the most curious minds. Anything they get their hands on becomes a whole new territory for them. They do not mean to break or misuse the things they touch; they just want to examine things on their own terms.

With our passion for teaching good ways in life, our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York understands children’s behavior and how they can learn better when their needs are met. If families and schools work together to make children grow happy and responsible, the world will have more well-rounded individuals in the future.

Below are some tips to fortify your toddler’s interest in learning:

  • Avoid Gadgets
    Easier said than done, imposing a “No Gadget Rule” can come with challenges, but your child will definitely reap the rewards of discipline when they learn to make use of their imagination and find enjoyment in the things around them, a lot like how previous generations spent their afternoons before the existence of the internet and handheld devices. Letting them follow a schedule of when to use their device and limiting their usage prevents the stunting of their brain development and promotes obedience toward following instructions, a quality highly needed for the progress of a society or community. Avoiding gadgets also stimulates the progress of their imagination and resourcefulness.
  • Have Material Variety
    Children will definitely get bored with the toys they keep playing with, but get mad when you throw out that one toy that he has not played with for over a year now. Still, you should provide learning material variety and mix in educational ones that will do great for the development of their critical thinking. Wooden educational toys, Lego, and flashcards are always good materials to keep, along with some arts and crafts out of the things you will allow them to make at home. This helps introduce different textures and elements that will answer their curiosity whenever they get interested in something new.
  • Practice Schedules
    Infants and young children respond well to a structured environment where they can predict what happens next. A consistent schedule will help your child feel safe in their environment and build a positive trust and bond with their primary caregiver. Our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York are also delivered consistently to implement good habits and to teach children how to follow schedules with ease.

Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool can make your child’s enrollment more convenient when you can choose from any one of our 3 campuses here in New York.

Click here to know about enrollment and tuition, or simply call us at 347-644-5528 to know more about the tuition and other applicable daycare program fees.

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