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Four Tips for Parents when Dealing with Preschooler Tantrums

Four Tips for Parents when Dealing with Preschooler TantrumsAlthough tantrums may be less frequent when your child reaches the preschool years, when they hit, they are as difficult as ever. These are likely to continue to flare up when they reach the grade school years. But tantrums are normal, and expect your child to throw one whenever he is frustrated with his current situation or bothered by something else.

Tantrums in preschoolers are usually caused by overwhelming emotions. Sudden interruptions, fearfulness, fatigue, and peer rejections frequently trigger tantrums. Parents may want to consider our tips below on dealing with preschooler tantrums.

  • Control your Own Temper

    You can easily be tempted to leave your preschooler in his room during an outburst. However, doing so can make your child abandoned. While he is displaying an episode of tantrums, he may feel frightened by his emotions and needs you to be by his side. He won’t be able to listen to reason and all he can do is yell or threaten.

    Instead of leaving your child on the floor, approach him quietly. Embrace him because he may find this comforting. In case your child demonstrates a bit of anger but still in a controllable manner, you can just ignore him until he is over it.

  • Handle the Situation as an Adult

    Regardless of how intense or long the tantrum will be, never negotiate or give in to your screaming child. Don’t think about caving in to end the episode, especially if you are in a public place. This only teaches him that he should jus pitch a fit so he can get what he wants. Tantrums are frightening for him if he does not feel that you are not also in control.
    In case your child starts hitting people or pets, screaming nonstop or throwing things, pick him up and bring him to a safe place. Tell your child the reason you brought him there and stay there until he calms down.

  • Talk to Him once the Storm is Over

    If he has calmed down, it is time to hold him close and talk about what happened. Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a daycare and preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, wants to say that you must acknowledge his disappointment and help him express his feelings. Let him realize that expressing himself in words provide better results. Don’t forget to hug him after the talk.

  • Pay Attention to the Triggers

    Ensure that your child gets enough rest and have snacks in his bag. When a child is hungry or tired, he is prone to tantrums. Also, when he will be doing an activity, give him a gentle heads up before this. This allows him to adjust rather than react. While everyday tantrums are normal parts of the preschool years, pay attention to bigger issues that might be developing.

    In case your child constantly displays tantrums that tend to get worse, contact your child’s physician. This is to ensure that your child is not going through any psychological and physical conditions that contribute to the issue, and get more advice on dealing with tantrums.

We know your child’s developmental and behavioral concerns. You can consult with us in terms of dealing with the outburst. Just call us at 347-960-8334 for your inquiries.

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