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From Taking Baby Steps to Fulfilling Big Bold Dreams

From Taking Baby Steps to Fulfilling Big Bold Dreams

This we tell you, dear parents:

The realization of your children’s big dreams begins in our school Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool, the multi-disciplined Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York.

Obviously taking inspiration from the popular Chinese proverb, we say that a journey of a thousand miles of your active little tykes begins with small baby steps.

That’s a bold declaration, but we have the records, the experience, the system and the methodology to back it up.

Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool Started Off as a Childhood Dream

It’s certainly worth noting that our school, Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool is a product of the childhood dream of our educational director, Yuliya Malayeva.

Her story goes this way:

As a child, little Yuliya would always gather her friends for some “school-house play.” She would round up all the stuffed animals (toys) to act as actors in the play that she “directed.” That started as the seed of what would become one of the successful early childhood education institutions in this part of New York. And she is now a full-fledged director.

With hard work and dedication, she has dutifully served the Forest Hills Community. She went to Touro College where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She then proceeded to finish a dual master’s degree in Master in Education and Master in Special Education in the same school.

While attending college full time, she also worked full time in a special education school to serve the community and to pay for her living expenses, college tuition and to save for what would become Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool I.

That stands as the classic case of childhood dream becoming a reality.

We Have the Blueprint for the Realization of Your Child’s Dream

The success of our educational director and our school is a feat worthy to emulate. Not only that, it serves as a blueprint for any kid who dreams of making it big in the future.

Who knows the truly caring Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York may be the source of the next president of the United States of America, or the next richest philanthropist of the world, or the next who’s who in whatever field of endeavour?

That blueprint, coupled with our mission, vision, goals, systems, quality of personnel and methods of education, will certainly do wonders for your little ones.

To know more about us as a company, the products and services that we offer for the kids of our community, the rave reviews from some parents about the developments of their children while under our watch, and other related information, please visit our website

Please contact us in any of the three locations, whichever is the most convenient to you:

Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool I
99-06 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, New York 11375
Phone: 718-559-8717
Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool II
112-18 76th Road
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 347-960-8334
Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool III
64-11 Fleet Street
Rego Park, New York 11374
Phone: 718-451-6094

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