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Gentle Discipline: Discipline Your Child The Right Way

Gentle Discipline: Discipline Your Child The Right Way

As parents and teachers, instilling discipline is an inevitable part of the job, but how is it supposed to be done? We here at Baby Steps, as a Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, are focused on helping your child grow as an emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally stable individual. This goes beyond just teaching lessons inside the classroom. Most of the time, we as teachers must also discipline your child in order for them to grow as better people. Today, we here at Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool will teach you the best ways to discipline and correct your child.

  • Express Disapproval. First and foremost, you must express to your child that what he/she is doing is wrong. For some kids, this alone can make them stop whatever it is that they are doing. However there are ways that you should express disapproval. Shouting is definite no. It only makes you and your child more agitated. Simply calling out his/her name and giving a disapproving look should be enough to get their attention. If they don’t stop right away, then you can intervene by taking away the object.
  • Explain. You can’t just simply scold a child for doing something without letting them know why. If you do that, it would only teach them to scold others whenever they want to without reason. Explain the consequences to your child, and how it could have harmed them or the people around them. It is also important to be sensitive to their emotions. If they are upset tell them it’ll be alright as long as they don’t do it again. If they are angry, let them calm down and then explain afterwards.
  • Correct. For your disciplining to be effective, your child must learn how to do things the right way. You simply can’t scold them and tell them they’re wrong without telling them how to do it right. This would just confuse them and they may repeat the wrong action again. After explaining what’s wrong, show them the correct way of handling things.
  • Reward. Once they have corrected themselves and have shown improvement towards their attitude, giving a reward encourages them to do the right thing more in the future.

As a trusted Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, we ensure you that your child is cared for and disciplined in the best way possible. Our teaching here at Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool go beyond the four walls of a classroom. We want your child to grow holistically as individuals and that includes developing proper morals. For the best Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, choose only Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool!

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