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Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 1)

Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 1)Friends are people we enjoy being with in times of distress. They are people whom we share our secrets with. These individuals are our inspiration to move on, and they help us pursue our endeavors in life. Building friendship is important throughout our years here in this world, that is why we need to teach our kids the skills in making one.

According to a study, children need to develop social abilities in order to gain friends. In particular, it is necessary for them to hone the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills

    The importance of one’s interpersonal skills do not only limit to making friends. In fact, it plays an essential role in getting a job done as the person collaborates with other people.

  • Conversational skills

    It is an integral part of socialization. This skill typically involves speaking because written communications are not referred to as conversations.

  • Emotional self-control

    Self-control refers to the inhibition and regulation of emotions, thoughts, and behavior. We do this in order to achieve specific goals, and it is also significant for socialization. It is the result of internalizing empathy and understanding of other people’s circumstances.

It has been found out that parents play a crucial role in how a child makes friends. How do you help your young one in developing this skill? Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, is going to share with you easy and effective ways:

  • Let them vent out their emotions to you

    As we have mentioned earlier, emotional self-control needs to be developed in order to develop social skills. And for you to help your child improve on this aspect, you need to be their “emotion coach.”

    Talk to your child in a sympathetic and problem-solving way. Do not just dismiss them and ask them to go to their room to cool off because of a bad behavior. Doing so will most likely give them difficulties in dealing with their emotions.

  • Be an authoritative parent

    There are different kinds of major parenting styles. These are:

    • Authoritarian

      Authoritarian parenting style involves giving high demands to the child, and is low in responding to his or her emotional, physical, and mental needs. Parents promoting this style give high expectations like good grades, excellence in playing sports and musical instruments, and many more.

      However, when they give feedback or nurturance, it is often negative. And when the child commits mistakes, he or she is often punished harshly. Children coming from an authoritarian household tend to be rebellious or overly dependent.

    • Permissive

      This is the complete opposite of the authoritarian parenting style. Parents inculcating this style tend to ask low or little demands from their children. And when their children do ask something from them, they immediately give it to them without second thoughts.

      Parents practicing this style tend to extremely love their child. It is good; however, there are also some downsides. Because of their love for their child, they make no guidelines and rules. It results to children not giving them the respect they deserve.

    • Neglectful

      Otherwise known as uninvolved parenting, a neglectful parent is exactly what it sounds like: a parent who neglects his or her child’s needs. They are not responsive to any of the needs of the child, and can also be indifferent or dismissive.

      Children growing in this kind of parenting style may want to seek more attention from their parents. They may end up annoying authorities, breaking the law, and doing other delinquent behaviors.

    • Authoritative

      This style of parenting is characterized by two things: reasonable demands and high responsiveness. Authoritative parents expect high outcomes from their kids. At the same time, they support their children so these young ones can achieve success and follow their dreams in life.

      Being an authoritative parent requires you to communicate to your child properly. This is to provide for them and meet their needs with your own demands.

What is your parenting style? Share how this style shaped the way your child communicates with others.

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