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Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 2)

Help Your Child Make Friends through these Easy Tips! (Part 2)Because making friends is never easy, we decide to make a part 2 of our list of easy tips to help your child gain some friends. If you have not read the first part of the blog, we recommend you to go back and read it on our website at

We have never failed to recognize the significance of the roles of the parents in their children’s social life. In our previous blog, we broke down the importance of being an “emotion coach” and promoting the authoritative style of parenting to teach your child how to socialize properly.

So grab your pens as we continue to list down more tips:

  • Encourage empathy and sympathy

    Being friends with someone requires you to understand the basic facts of human life: nobody is the same. Each and every one of us has his or her story. So in order to make friends, one should be extremely cautious when dealing with others.

    To do that, we must teach our kids how to empathize. Show them the importance of being sympathetic and how being one can change the lives of other people.

  • Help your kids read facial expressions

    Humans are capable of detecting people’s faces even if we are distances away. We even see faces on inanimate objects or spot faces on random things. And to top it off, we see facial expressions as the mirror of what other people feels.

    If you think about it, nobody can learn to distinguish facial expressions overnight. You can teach your children the skill. They will soon find it a convenient skill once they go out and interact with other people.

  • Monitor the social life of your kid

    It is important for the parents to monitor their kid’s social life. But do not overdo this to the point that you are already interfering with their play. Let your children interact with their playmates on a place that is safe for both of them.

    Give them a space where they can fully express their curiosity and crazy antics.

  • Practice politeness

    Kids first learn to communicate at home. Their learning and realizations are what they bring out into the outside world. So the earlier you teach politeness, the earlier they can practice and bring the good manners outside.

    To do so, you must practice politeness yourself. Children are good impersonators and they mirror people in their environment, especially those they look up to. Be a role model to young ones and they shall become role models to the other kids in their schools.

  • Teach your child on how to deal with tricky situations

    There are times when some children feel excluded during their playtime. As a parent, what should you do in order to help your child join in? Being a Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York enables us to encounter this problem over and over again. When we meet this problem, we help our young learners by asking the child to:

  • Think of ways in order to fit with the group

    Be someone relevant in the play, or contribute something
    Not change the game, be disruptive or become critical
    Not force others to let them join in
    Look for other ways to entertain yourself if the group will still not let them join

  • Watch out for bullying

    Bullying remains to be a problem in an environment where kids are in. It is disturbing, for even teachers are not aware that there has been a bullying incident.

    When a child is bullied, there will absolutely be changes in his or her activities. It can also affect the way they deal with other people. When these changes occur, be vigilant. Ask your child’s teacher if your child had been the subject of bullying.

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    The most effective way to teach children how to socialize is to enroll them in a preschool that teaches them the value of friendship. Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool makes that happen.

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