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Helpful Ways to Foster Child Development

helpful-ways-to-foster-child-developmentIs your child growing well? In most instances, parents provide an answer to this question through the physical health of their little one. When the child is healthy and meeting all the target milestones, then yes, they’re growing well. Otherwise, the child must be having some serious health issues.

Child development is something we highly work for and invest in as a daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York. Like you, dear parents, we believe that every child is unique and has in them the overall potential that can be drawn out with proper nurturing.

In this manner, we would like to impart the following time-tested ways to build the child’s development process.

  • Follow a pattern in responding to your child 
    Children can learn through repetition and routines. In this crucial stage of their development, saying something once is not going to achieve what you want to achieve with them. But when you repeat something, they can eventually capture what you mean. For instance, when you clap your hands every time they say THANK YOU, they will learn to say it if only to get your approval.
  • Be expressive of your love and sensitivity 
    Children will need your attention and concern whether you like this or not. It’s just part of their natural development that when you’re able to embrace it, can help your child develop confidence in them. Our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York are designed with the aim to bring out the best potentials of our preschoolers. With your support, these learning potentials can truly be exposed.
  • Set routines at home 
    The routines you build at home give them a backbone of the life they ought to live on a daily basis. It also teaches and exposes them to home responsibilities that they will eventually perform as grownups.
  • Share books with them 
    Practice your child about opening books, reading to them, or letting them scan the pages on their own. This exposure with books helps them to develop a familiarity with words, vocabulary, and eventually, conversations. Get your child to be excited about books so they can also learn to develop a love for reading and learning.
  • Encourage a safe and healthy lifestyle 
    Children can already be taught about basic hygiene practices such as washing of hands or combing their hair. They can also be taught about not going out with strangers or what number to call when they’re in an emergency situation. As your child develops familiarity with these practices, they can learn to value safety and health early on.
  • Disciplining with love 
    Discipline is vital for the character development of the child. When they’re disciplined because they know you love them, they will take the discipline humbly. However, without love, they will learn to resent the practice and can potentially grow up rebellious.

Being a daycare and preschool provider, we hope that you’ve found these ways helpful in nurturing your child at home and at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool.

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