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Home Routines That Complement Your Child’s School Days

home-routines-that-complement-your-childs-school-daysAs your children get older, they need to learn different life skills that will prepare them how to brave the world on their own, even if it is simply letting go of your hand as they enter their learning world. In our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York, we enjoy teaching our little learners not just the basics of knowing how to color, count, and read, but also how to take care of themselves so they can start being independent at such an early age.

Because children’s brains develop the fastest from 0–5 years of age, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to enhance their learning development with our specially prepared preschool programs in Rego Park, New York. We provide age-appropriate educational games and materials that will help refine their motor and non-locomotor skills, as well as help all learners understand what being part of a community or family is all about. Values are also incorporated in all our programs so that our young learners will grow up to become intelligent and responsible individuals with a good foundation at home and in school.

  • Enjoy Meals with Family
    At school, children enjoy their snacks and meals together like one big happy family. They get to learn how to share, discover food they like best, and most of all, learn how to make friends with their playmates. At home, sharing meals plays such a big role in strengthening family bonds because the more instances you get to bond over food, the higher the likelihood is for the child to absorb good-natured characteristics.
  • Bathe Before Sleeping
    It will help your children get a good night’s sleep when they bathe before sleeping. Apart from feeling fresh after their bath, they also wash out any germs and bugs that simple handwashing cannot take out. Going to bed clean and refreshed sends them off to dreamland better. Clean sheets also prevent the growth of harmful organisms, therefore, keeping them well away from any sickness.
  • Never Forget the Hugs and Kisses
    Whether your child had a good or bad day, sending them off to sleep with a tight hug and a long kiss will fortify their confidence in knowing that someone cares for and loves them. Hugs and caring touches of love help relieve stress and anxiety and physically prove your love toward your children. As much as possible, never forget the hugs and kisses.

After attending a day of fun and learning at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, these home routines will surely strengthen their development and, in return, complement what learning is all about. Whether they are in school or at home, children work well in a structured environment.

We are a local daycare and preschool provider in New York with 3 centers to choose from. For your child’s enrollment inquiries, please e-mail us at

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