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How Praising Your Toddler Benefits Them

How Praising Your Toddler Benefits Them

Even in their young minds, appreciation is already a powerful factor in building up the children. This is a valuable practice we implement in our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York. However, we recognize that you, dear parents, have more bearing in appreciating your little ones.

Appreciation is like seeds that we plant. In time, they will grow and bear fruits and society will reap the rewards of a responsible and good-natured individual. Consider the following benefits of making appreciation as normal as possible at home.

  • Builds Confidence

    Appreciative gestures such as claps or cheers can be very affirming to a toddler. They will learn to see that there must be something right about what they did to get that kind of support. Later on, they will also learn to distinguish what actions have been appreciated and what deeds have been disapproved.

  • Enhances Learning

    The more you appreciate your little one, the more interested they become of what they’re doing. Consequently, the more time they spend doing what they’re interested in, the better their learning. We apply this practice as we impart our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York. These toddlers have a long way to go in learning and with your support, they can truly deepen their foundation.

  • Motivates Improvement

    Appreciation is truly a great motivator. When your toddler sees you smiling, cheerful, and happy at what they’re doing, they will gain more interest in finishing the activity. This helps them improve even more even if they have to do this one literal small step at a time.

  • Improves Participation

    When you appreciate your child in a group setting, they will develop confidence in joining the activities of the group. They will have a sense of your approval, and this encourages them to be part of what the other children are also doing. With your appreciation, they can also learn to value how others participate in the group.

  • Advances Sense of Cooperation

    When parents affirm what their child is doing especially when they cooperate with chores, this empowers them to help out even more. As young as they are, they will have a sense that their contribution is already of high value, even if it means picking up their toys after playing. Hence, they will be even more willing to participate in what you ask them to do.

We should not forget that appreciation has to be given responsibly. Let’s see to it that our appreciation has to be specific of their actions so that they learn to see early on the value of doing their best. As they grow up, they can learn to acquire this sense of appreciation and pass this on to others as well.

As a daycare and preschool provider, we continue to provide quality learning experiences for your child so that together, we can nurture their overall potentials. If you have further inquiries about our programs, contact us at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool.

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