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How The Right Footwear Can Make Or Break A Day At School

How The Right Footwear Can Make Or Break A Day At School

One day in school can already hold different experiences for a child so make sure to send them off with good footwear that will help them enjoy a fun day of learning.

Children at our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York get exposed to different activities that help develop their fine and gross motor skills. With the right footwear, it can make their day at school easy and enjoyable when all they have to worry about is learning new things and how to have fun.

Choose Comfortable Shoes
Children’s shoes come in many attractive designs and themes but in choosing shoes, make sure to ask your child which pair is more comfortable on their feet. A good pair can eliminate blisters and prevent feet deformities. A reliable pair would be a pair of socks and skid-resistant rubber shoes since this comfortable pair can work on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Footwear For Protection
Sometimes, sandals and open-toed footwear can look better to match the outfit of the day but for better protection, ask about your child’s day activities so you can pair up closed shoes with your child’s outfit and still provide protection for their toes. Toes getting wet and not getting dried off properly can cause itchiness between the toes.

Space For Toes
Your child may say their shoes are already comfortable but just to be sure, give enough room to allow their toes to wiggle and move inside their shoes, this also gives good circulation for their growing feet. Insert an index finger around the Achilles area when trying on shoes. This simple trick can you help guide you get enough shoe space for your child’s footwear.

Footwear can be both aesthetic and functional but whichever type your child likes, make sure they are comfortable with their shoes so they can enjoy our preschool programs in Rego Park, New York.

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