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How to Make Your Kids Pay Attention

How to Make Your Kids Pay AttentionChildren who can’t pay attention to a particular subject matter can be frustrating to parents. It is exasperating to continuously repeat what you have to say so that you can let your child focus on the task that you want them to do.

When your children are not able to develop their focus and attention skills, there’s a big chance that they will surely struggle in keeping up with the demands of the school. That’s why, as a parent, you need to hone their attention skills so they can pay attention to the instructions of their teachers at a preschool or Daycare and Preschool Provider in Rego Park, New York. Here are some things that you need to know:

  • Put TV time at a minimum.

    Did you know that when your children keep watching television shows, they are at a state called hyperfocus? This means that they are exclusively concentrating on one subject matter, and that they are unaware of whatever is happening around them. This can be evident in the fact that they can watch hours of cartoons and become too absorbed in it, yet they can’t even give their full attention to you when you are tutoring them. It is essential to retrain your child by switching off and minimizing their time with the TV. Through this, they will develop what is known as intentional focus, which is essential at school.

  • Always speak in a clear and simple manner.

    When you are asking your children to do some tasks, it is important to speak in a manner that is clear and easy to understand, as advised by Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool. You can gauge whether your children understand what you were saying by letting them repeat your commands. Through this, your children will learn to sequence their skills and become successful in following the tasks at hand.

  • Know your children’s limits.

    There is a certain amount of time in which your children can focus their attention to. As a general rule, their age is proportional to the max time limit of their attention span. Thus, when you are teaching your 5-year-old kid about numbers, limit your discussion to 5 minutes. It would help that you break the task in five-minute chunks so they can refresh their mind before continuing with the activity.

  • Indentify their feelings.

    When it is obvious that your children are upset, they surely can’t focus in studying with you. As such, try to probe the cause of their negativity, and assist them in acknowledging what they feel and how to deal with it. Also, discipline them to know that there are boundaries in their behaviors.

Being a parent is a tough job. You need to always look after the welfare of your children to ensure that they can focus and they’ll develop the necessary skills to become attentive in everything that they do. It is in this aspect that you provide your children with a sense of security, and engage them in strengthening their attention span, as well as meet their emotional demands so that you can let them have a well-rounded development.

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