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I Love Mathematics! 7 Fun Ways to Make Your Little One Love Math

Seven Fun Ways to Make Your Little One Love Math“I really hate numbers!”

You typically hear your youngsters complain about math. We cannot blame them. Formulas and numbers can sometimes be confusing. Are they going to grow up hating math and numbers or is there something you can do to make them love the subject? Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool believes you can do something about it.

Below are some fun ways you can instill the love of math to your children:

  • Do it in a song.

    Children love to sing along with nice songs. Let them use this to their advantage. Children are asked to familiarize the multiplication table. To make it easier for them, why not create a nice tune and make the multiplication table as the lyrics? If you have noticed, your little ones was able to learn the ABCs because of the ABC song. It might work the same way with numbers.

  • Incorporate some amusing games.

    Scanning through the pages of a book filled with numbers and formulas can be boring. You have to remind your little ones that math is more than just numbers. It also involves spaces, amounts, and logic. Make learning fun through games.

  • Let them take a sneak peak about your math life.

    If you were brilliant in math in the good old days, tell your children about it. But if you did poorly back then, do not admit it to them. This will just discourage them more. It will convince them that they are terrible at math because they inherited the genes from you.

  • Let them watch math-related films.

    Do not confine your youngsters’ learning in the pages of a book. Find some ways that they will find math interesting. There are video clips on YouTube about numbers, shapes, figures, and other topics related to math.

  • Teach them through stories.

    Storytelling is another great way to make your little ones learn and love math. Research suggests that children learn more through stories. This is because they are able to imagine and analyze the happenings in the story.

  • Illustrate the importance of math in the real world.

    To motivate your youngsters to love math, you have to show to them how useful math is in their life. Let them understand that we use math in our daily activities and that it can translate into a career (e.g. engineer, architecture, accountant, etc.).

  • Encourage a growth mindset.

    Not all skills are innate and your children should acknowledge that. Tell your little ones that no one is born being good at math. Even math geniuses, like Albert Einstein, encountered some difficulties. The good thing about these brilliant minds is that they did not stop trying. So should your little ones.

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