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Important Questions to Ask in Teacher Interview

Important Questions to Ask in Teacher Interview

Interviewing the teachers of your preschool options is one step you can take to pinpoint the right choice for your child and you. When doing so, align your questions on your goals for sending your child to school. Don’t be afraid to ask hard-hitting questions. You only want the best for your child after all.

Here are some of the important questions to ask during a teacher interview.

  • What are the school’s accreditations?

    The school’s accreditations help you determine if it meets or exceeds the minimum standards of quality.

  • How does a typical school day look like?

    This question is important as it can help you assess whether your child can adapt to the school’s daily setup.

  • Does the school focus on academics, skills, or social growth?

    This helps you determine if the school’s main development focus coincides with what you have in mind for your child.

  • How are students disciplined?

    Learning how the school disciplines its students helps you determine the method complements the idea and method of discipline you apply at home.

  • Does the school promote parental involvement?

    A quality preschool encourages you to be involved in your child’s learning experience as being involved improves your child’s self-confidence and capability for success.

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