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Learning Letters for Toddlers


As a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool stand with the idealist education professors and teachers. We believe that it is a must for children as young as one to be introduced to the 3 basic skills which are also called the 3 R’s. These 3 R’s are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic

We all know the significance of these 3 skills in our world today. You are not competent if you are unable to master those skills and you can even be tricked if you do not pay attention to honing these three skills. Do you want that to happen to your beloved son or daughter?

As a parent, it is your primary responsibility to take care of your child to maturity. Part of the taking care process is providing your youngster with the information he or she needs in the future. But oh no, you do not just provide them with these information. You have to introduce this information to them and let it stay in their head.

It may not be easy at first for you have to go to the level of your child to let him or her fully understand the skill. But we believe you will get a hang of it over time. In this blog, Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, will teach you some tips to introducing letters to your child’s life and these tips are:

  • Starting with his or her name

    Children are egocentric in behavior as what famous psychologists and teachers point out. They find meaning to things that belong to them and those that define them. Their name is a good starting point. From the moment they were given birth, you have prepared a special name for them to carry with them for the rest of their lives. You introduced them their name by calling it out every time you talk with them when they were still little babes. As children grow, they would want to learn a more. Let them learn something new that connects to them personally.

  • Display their name on your house

    At the age of 2, children are now able to tell apart the letters in their name from other letters and names. To make the experience even better, stick their name on the wall, on the fridge, on his or her bedroom door and even on their personal things.

  • Involve motor skills and speech

    As suggested by Dr. Seaton, you need to point to the letters in their name one by one while saying the letters out loud. While you do so, you introduce other objects that have the same initial letter as their name.

  • Read up

    Children best remember letters and words when they experience them. As you go travelling with your child on the streets, to the doctors, inside stores and on the park, point out street signs and other simple words to your child. Say them aloud. They will associate their experience to the words in no time.

  • Introduce new and simple words

    As you read words and letters all around you, deepen their vocabulary by relating the words seen to other words that either rhymes or are antonyms of that introduced word. When you do introduce new and simple words, you have to enunciate the words properly. Children are good and are fond of mimicking, you know.

You see, there is nothing so hard with teaching your kids how to read. By the end of the year, set goals for your child to accomplish especially in his or her reading skills. But if you want your child to excel more, you can let the experts do the teaching for you. Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, can take your child under our wings and before you know it, that young person you once carried in your arms to breastfeed will now be sitting on a chair and reading a book.

Are there other tips we missed? Share them down in our comment section below. To read more blogs, you can visit our website at

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