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Preparing Your Toddler (and Yourself) for Preschool

Preparing Your Toddler (and Yourself) for Preschool

Alas, your little one is leaving toddler years behind and will now be engaged for preschool! Although this may be difficult for your kid, getting them prepared and giving them an idea of what to expect will definitely help. If done properly, your little one may even be the one all-too-eager to go to school, while you deal with the “They grow up so fast” sentiments!

  • Pretend Play to Introduce the Idea of Preschool
    Kids love to play pretend, so what other best way to introduce and describe the concept of preschool than to play pretend? Play as the teacher, and, with your child, act out the daily routines of going to preschool. These include saying goodbye to mommy or daddy, saying hello to the teacher and classmates, singing songs, and taking naps. Answer your little one’s questions patiently, and let them see how being in preschool can be fun.
  • Read Them Books About Preschool
    It will greatly help to share stories with your little one about characters who are much like them and are also going to preschool. Show your kid pictures from the book and talk about the story and how the character feels meeting new friends and learning new things. Your kid will then be excited to experience it for themselves.
  • Practice Self-Help Skills Through Games
    Preschool isn’t only a place where your little one will first learn their fundamental basics. It is also a place for them to practice independence. While your kid is still at home, start teaching them basic self-help skills such as unzipping and zipping their bags, taking out their snacks, and washing their hands. Make games out of these little tasks so that they wouldn’t see it as a boring activity.
  • Visit Your Child’s Preschool
    Before the big first day of classes, take your little one with you and visit the daycare and preschool provider together. Ask the person-in-charge if you can have a little tour of the place. Play with your kid on the playground, or sit with them in the classroom. This way, your little one will feel much more at ease and familiar with the environment when the actual classes start.

Of course, it is very important to choose a preschool that you can trust and is able to teach your kids their fundamental basics properly. This stimulates their mental, physical, and emotional growth in a healthy way. If you are looking for a daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York you can be confident to entrust your little one to us at Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool. We offer quality preschool programs in Rego Park, New York which will enable your little ones to have a healthy mental, physical, and emotional early growth.

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