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Raising Children: How to Properly Respond Undesirable Behaviors

Raising Children: How to Properly Respond to Undesirable BehaviorsBeing a parent means loving your children unconditionally. However, it does not mean there won’t be any moment where they drive you crazy. It is normal for kids to make you lose your cool. But know that there are proper ways to deal with their infuriating antics.

As a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Rego Park, New York, teachers from Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool share these tips on how to address some of your children’s misbehavior or annoying pleas:

  • When they insist on rereading the same book for the nth time

    There are a lot of versions of this annoying plea. It can go from re-watching a movie over and over again to singing the same song again and again.

    We know that the only thing you want to do is to shout at the top of your lungs and declare playtime, movie time, or story time over. However, the most effective strategy is to not give in to your frustration.

    Children are bound to love repetition because they are learning. These repetitions are essential to the development of their speech and even their memory. They love to learn especially when they already know what will happen next.

  • When the only answer they know is “no”

    “Let us change into your pajamas.”
    “What do you want to eat?”

    Toddlers overuse the word “no” all of the time. It is as if it suddenly became their favorite word of all time. But there is a reason to all of that defiance.

    You see, when children say no to almost all things, it is a sign that they are starting to develop independence. So when this word annoys you, try looking for the root of the problem.

    If they turn down your request, calmly ask them why. You can also start to compromise so that both of your sides will be heard. This is a good skill for children to master in order to avoid further conflict and to instill them the value of justice.

  • When they throw temper tantrums

    Temper tantrums are a parent’s worst nightmare especially when it happens in public. It makes your children look and seem annoying to other people and strangers even look at you as an incompetent parent!

    However, if you respond with violence to this otherwise rude behavior, nothing good will come from it.

    Children throw tantrums because they are expressing their bottled up anger and they want everyone to know. As people, you all know that bottled up feelings are never good to keep.

    In order to address this, teach your child to reason out their feelings. You can also teach them how to express their frustrations healthily.

How about you? How do you deal with your child’s crazy antics? Share them by leaving a comment here.

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