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Separation Anxiety: Understanding and Quick Tips


It’s safe to say that most, if not all, parents have experienced a myriad of emotions when their child goes through separation anxiety. This condition is a child’s expression of worry or fear when they get separated from their parents for whatever reason. Separation anxiety is characterized by the child’s consistent crying, displaying of tantrums, or even being clingy.

This behavior is part of their normal development. It can start before a kid reaches their first year and will usually last until they’re about four years old.

As every kid is unique, so are their expressions of anxiety. However, it must be noted that some cases of separation anxiety can eventually become a disorder. This happens when a child still manifests clinginess to their parents in moments of separation even when they’re already school-age.

When separation anxiety becomes a disorder, it disrupts the child’s normal activities such as school involvements and even interaction with their friends. Separation anxiety disorder needs professional help and intervention from child psychology experts.

However, as far as separation anxiety goes, the normal anxiety can be addressed with some quick tips. In our experience as a daycare and preschool provider, we have seen how these behaviors are often displayed. But take heart, parents; your child will get through this.

Here are some quick tips you can make use of to manage normal separation anxiety:

  1. Practice getting separated at home. Start with short trips to the restroom and gradually increase to hours of grocery shopping and work.
  2. Ensure they’re well-fed and have slept well before leaving them momentarily. Anxiety often occurs when they’re hungry and sleepy
  3. Create a goodbye ritual which should be quick enough for them to know you’re leaving but will assure them that you’ll come home soon.
  4. Make good of your promise to come home so that they will learn to trust that it’s not going to be a final separation after all.
  5. When you entrust them to our daycare and preschool in Forest Hills, New York, let them bring something familiar from home. This way, they can be comforted with the familiarity.
  6. Talk with their child care providers. When your child sees that you’re on friendly terms with the person they’ll be left with, they can also learn to trust this person.
  7. Be firm about following your schedule while at the same time assuring them that they will be safe and alright. When they know that you really need to go work, they will eventually learn to accept it.

Navigating through moments of separation anxiety is truly heartbreaking for parents. For this reason, we have prepared preschool programs in Rego Park, New York to help provide a fun learning atmosphere for your child so they won’t have to think much about the separation. Feel free to inquire about our programs at Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool.

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