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Teaching Values: How to Instill Compassion to Your Young Child

Teaching Values: How to Instill Compassion to Your Young Child

The world today is full of hatred. That is why it is extremely important to teach our young children how to be compassionate. You do not have to let them attend children’s seminars or boring lectures. We doubt they will even listen given they are only five years of age.

Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool promotes love and compassion. For that, we list some ways on how you can instill this value to your child and integrate it in his or her daily activities.

  • Encourage them to be sweet

    Children who understand the consequences of their actions are able to show their gentle side. When they know somebody could be hurt if they did something wrong, they will think twice about doing the action.

    You can promote sweetness by:

    • Showing them how to be gentle
    • Speaking softly
    • Rejecting rudeness
    • Saying “I am sorry” if you wronged someone
  • Implement rules

    Giving limits to your child’s actions make them distinguish which is bad and good. The reason why mom or dad says it is not okay to do this can give them an idea that it is not nice to do that to others.

    How you implement these rules is crucial in the process. You need to:

    • Be compassionate and caring parents
    • Encourage him or her to help around
    • Be mindful of your manners
  • Guide them when they form friendships

    Figure out how your little toddler makes friends. This is one of the milestones children reach and it enhances their social skills. So it is important you watch over him or her during playtime.

    Children are children. They are still unable to grasp that the following is wrong:

    • Name-calling
    • Talking bad about others
    • Secluding other kids from their play
    • Bullying

    Explain to them why these behaviors are not desirable. Let them understand how it feels to be the person on the other end. And if they do it again the future, tell them that you will be setting a consequence.

  • Involve them in the house

    Doing chores is one way of making them more aware and independent. Aside from giving them the thought that their help around the house matters a lot, they will also understand that a family that helps each and everyone eases the burden of one family member.

    To do this, you can assign them chores that are easy for a preschooler to accomplish. Write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge so they will be reminded. Also, set the schedule so that they can develop it as part of their routine.

As a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Rego Park, New York, we believe that instilling kindness and compassion creates a lasting effect for a single child. Share in the comments your child’s experience of showing compassion.

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