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Types of Parents: Which One Are You?

Types of Parents: Which One Are You?

In 2016, the longest study on human development was finally published. Began in 1946, the 70-year-old U.K study shared some very important key points to ensure positive child development. One of these points is parenting.

Several contemporary studies conclude that parenting plays a major role in honing a child’s educational, personal, and occupational development. Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist, proposed the four types of parenting styles. Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a reputable daycare center in Forest Hills, New York, easily explains these parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian Parenting

    This parenting style uses punishments rather than discipline. Authoritarian parents believe that parents should have total control over making home rules, and children should follow without exception. Children are not allowed to express their opinions since parents are always right.

  • Authoritative Parenting

    Authoritative parenting style uses a lot of effort from the parent’s perspective. Rules and consequences are laid out, and children’s opinions and feelings are validated. Moreover, authoritative parents explain the home rules well before enforcing them at home.

  • Permissive Parenting

    Permissive parents value freedom. They believe that children can learn by themselves with less parent intervention. Also, they often play the role of a friend instead of a parent. This parenting style, just like the previous two, lays out rules and consequences but rarely sticks to them.

  • Uninvolved Parenting

    Children with uninvolved parents seldom receive attention from their parents. Most uninvolved parents have no or little knowledge of their child. They usually prioritize other life matters (work, personal issues, etc.) over spending time with their children, like many New York parents have to deal with. Even when children start attending daycare and preschool in Queens, their parents may still hardly find time for their children.

Our early childhood education in Rego Park, New York will guide you with proper parenting styles. We value a healthy parent-child relationship. Speaking of parents, which type of parent are you?

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