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Ways of Teaching Preschoolers How to Read Early

Ways of Teaching Preschoolers How to Read EarlyReading is an essential part of our daily lives. We encounter letters and sentences every day. We even see words inside our homes. If we want to survive, we shall know how to read and write.

Hence, Baby Steps Daycare Preschool wants to help parents in getting our children ready to learn how to read and to be able to learn it fast. Here are a few tips on how we could help our children acquire reading skills early on.

  • Read to your child on a regular basis.

    Make reading a daily practice at home and a form of family bonding. When your children do not know how to read yet, make it a habit to read them stories and we should explain the stories to them. Once reading becomes part of our routine, our children will begin to love it and get hooked to it. Their interest in books will become greater each day and this will motivate them to learn how to read.

  • Identify letters in daily activities.
    Another basic and easy way of teaching our children how to read is through letting them identify letters while doing the daily chores. If you are on the road and stuck in traffic, point at letters and teach your kids how they sound. Associate these letters with familiar words or things so they can easily retain them and their sound in their minds.
  • Be a role model.
    Our children, especially the younger ones, mimic what we do. When we do our make-up, they would love to mirror whatever we are drawing in our face. And this will also be true when we show our children how much we love to read- they would eventually want to read as well. Even the simple act of reading newspapers every morning could pique their interest to what we are intently looking at in the papers. Showing the kids that we still read books despite our busy schedule would also encourage them to know how to read early.
  • Encourage them to tell a story.
    A different manner of introducing our children to literacy is through letting them tell stories. We should ask them how their day went and what adventures they have experienced during the day. It would also be helpful to allow them to make up stories about anything. While our children are telling their story, we could put these stories into writing and read them aloud for our children to listen to.
  • Promote writing.
    Literacy does not only include reading but it is a combination of both being able to read and write. Other than providing the kids with books to read, we should also give them papers, pens, pencils, crayons and markers for them to use. We could also motivate them to read and write by writing them letters which require a reply from our child.

Indeed, teachers from a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Rego Park, New York would help us train our children to pursue their dreams. Nonetheless, we should also take note that we are the first mentors of our children and we should help teach them these fundamental skills.

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