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What to Do When Your Child is Stressed

What to Do When Your Child is StressedChild stress may be an unfamiliar concept to you. After all, what could they be possibly stress about? It’s certainly not the bills or the mortgage.

It may be laughable to some, but children, like any human, can feel the weight of stress, too, even though their lives may seem lively and fun. This stress is often manifested by tantrums or a simple burst of tears.

Its sources can vary. It could come from not being able to hug their favorite stuffed toy to sleep, or a minor fight with a friend from school, or other external factors like the fear they feel when they see a snake. All these can contribute to a child’s stress in small ways and when they are exposed in excess, it could mean bad news to them.

That is why it is good for parents like you to help prevent situations like these.

Here are some tips you can use for when they are stressed:

  • Listen to them.

    This is especially important if your children are very talkative. They will not stop talking about something that stressed them, like losing a game. It will upset them and they would probably be on the verge of tears. The important part here is that you listen. It helps children to know that the most important person in their life is present in their turmoil.

  • Offer physical touch.

    Your children may prefer physical touch like hugging, but the warmth it gives them is the same. This helps assure them that you are real and that you are there for them in their time of need. The warmth is their proof of that.

  • Reward your child.

    After a particularly stressful time, your children should be rewarded for going through such turmoil. It’s important to let them know that the bad feeling goes away, too. This can be reinforced by allowing them to eat their favorite chocolate or putting on their favorite TV show. Whatever is their favorite thing to do, as long as it’s not harmful to them, it will surely be viewed as a reward.

Such tips come from the experience of day care and preschool facilities like Baby Steps Daycare/Preschool, a Daycare and Preschool Provider in Rego Park, New York, where we create a learning experience for your child that is both fun and educational.

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