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What To Do When Your Toddler Rejects A Favorite Food?


Just as when you’ve finally found a food you can count on your toddler eating without an argument – cereal for breakfast, for example – he or she begins rejecting it. But that’s just like a toddler, isn’t it? Always keeping you guessing, consistent only in being inconsistent.

Whether it’s a whim, boredom, a display of self-assertion, temporary loss of appetite (due to teething or otherwise feeling out-of-sorts), or just plain contrariness that’s turned your toddler off to his old favorite, try these tips from Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool, a Daycare and Preschool provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York before you decide to retire it permanently from the menu:

Don’t bring it back for a while. Matter-of-factly take the rejected food away, and don’t try serving it again for at least a week. In the interim serve nutritionally similar foods – whole-grain breads, muffins, or griddle cakes, for instance – in place of the rejected cereal. You may find that soon your toddler is asking, “Where’s my cereal?”

Bring it back with difference. When you return the rejected food to the menu, serve it in a different bowl, with a different spoon, or at a different time of the day. Cereal for lunch or dinner may be more appealing than cereal for breakfast. If it’s the same old cereal that prompts mealtime ennui, try a new variety of presentation (hot instead of cold, dry instead of with milk, topped with chopped dates or apricots or with peaches or blueberries instead of bananas).

Don’t bring it back every day. Prevent boredom from returning by switching from cereal to pancakes for French toast and back again. That is, unless your toddler latches on to another favorite and refuses to switch off.

Don’t bring it up. Feign indifference to your child’s rejections – of old favorites or new foods. Make a fuss, and temporary rejections could become permanent. It’s natural to be annoyed when you prepare food and it isn’t eaten, but you’ll only fuel the food struggles if you let it show.

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