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What You Need to Know About Your Preschool Kid

What You Need to Know About Your Preschool KidYou may have noticed that your kids behave well when they are with their teachers at their daycare center than when you are with them at home. This is evident in certain situations at home wherein you need to move mountains or play with their whims just to have them wash their hands before partaking their meals. But their teachers will just tell them to do the task at school and they’ll be done in a few minutes. The answer to this dilemma could stem from the fact that teachers are “outsiders”, and kids would behave well when they are with other people.

It could also be the fact that there are so many tricks that the teachers know so they can easily manage certain children’s behavior. It’s essential for parents to learn about the different behaviors of preschool kids coming from a teacher’s perspective as it will certainly help you deal with your children’s hard to fathom behavior. Here are some things from Baby Steps Daycare / Preschool that you need to know:

  • Mean what you say and know how to deliver them.

    Did you know that raising your voice doesn’t really get your child’s attention? There are various ways which you can do so you can make your child focus on what you have to say. You need to learn about the verbal tactics most preschool teachers do and apply it at your home.

    For instance, you can use whispering or mouthing of words to have your child focus on what you have to say. Whenever you already have your child’s full attention, you can begin setting up clear and short instructions which they can easily follow.

  • Your child wants to be independent.

    Your children at this stage would like to test their limits and independence. By testing their limits, they can gain self-confidence and the sense of achievement. For example, there are times wherein your children would like to get themselves dressed up without any assistance from you. Instead of pushing yourself to help them, you can develop certain ways to make the tasks simple for them to carry out. Say on the night before they go to the Daycare and Preschool Provider in Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills, New York, you can arrange their outfit or uniform they’ll wear. Most teachers from daycare centers understand the need of children to be independent, and this is what you need to realize too.

  • Play helps in their development.

    If you want your child to be active in their school works, you need to learn the value of play. Play is an effective method to help children learn. Rather than focusing on role learning, why don’t you create board games to help them master spelling, or let them become familiar with math and numbers through counting books. Play will surely make your child enjoy learning and crave for it even more.

In the end, it is your love that your children crave for amidst their long day. Never hesitate to tell your children how much you love them, and be affectionate in whatever ways possible. Through your parental supervision and love, you can see that your child is carefree and enjoys himself in every activity he does.

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