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Advantages of Early Childhood Education Your little ones can take advantage of numerous benefits when you decide to enroll them in early childhood education.
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Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York

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We offer Infant Care programs, starting enrollment from 10 Months to 26 Months.

Each of our infant rooms holds seven children. Two teachers from our faculty will be assigned to each room so that each infant receives more interaction and individual attention and meet their needs. Through the day, basic activities are implemented including signing, talking, reading, and promoting basic social and cognitive skills.

Exploring the environment helps infants to learn so we encourage them to do so. We provide age-appropriate toys and materials to stimulate their curiosity. Daily walks are also conducted for the their physical development.

Every infant is unique and so is his/her learning pace. Our teachers make sure to interact with infants at their level. Parents will also receive quarterly reports during the first year so they can check the progress and development of their children.

We aim to provide a safe and loving environment where infants are able to grow with our teachers’ guidance and support and have the freedom to learn.

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