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Infant Care Programs in Forest Hills NY


Baby Steps Preschool / Infants started off as a childhood dream of its Educational Director, Yuliya Malayeva. As a child, she always gathered her friends and stuffed animals for some ‘school-house play’, as years progressed that fantasy became a reality. With hard work and dedication, Yuliya has opened the doors to serve the Forest Hills Community. She went to Touro College where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and then further proceeded at Touro College to receive a dual Masters in Education and Special Education.

While attending college full-time, she also worked full-time in a Special Education school to serve the community in order to pay her living expenses, college tuition and save to establish a Daycare center to be called Baby Steps Preschool / Infants.

The Children
As a Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, Baby Steps Preschool / Infants offers Day Care and Preschool programs to serve the communities in Forest Hills and Queens. Our Preschool in Queens is a place where caring, responsible parents and teachers share common values. We invite you to visit our facility that provides Kew Gardens Daycare and Forest Hills Preschool whether your child is an active toddler, and enthusiastic three or four-year-old or an eager, questioning five-year-old.

We strive to teach the children at all times and make every moment a learning experience not only for the children in attendance but for the families as well; we all become involved to benefit the children. In Baby Steps Preschool / Infants, we take pride in our tradition of excellence for the families we serve.

The Family
We are interested in attracting that group of parents who care deeply about their role in raising “good/educated people” who will be able to use their skills and talents in an increasingly complex world. We understand the difficulties that parents face in raising thoughtful, caring children. Parents are in the best position to shape family experiences and they know their choices will have definite impact on their children.

Our Methods of Discipline

  • The policy of the center is to forge learning skills and appropriate behavior by means of positive reinforcement. And to promote the physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of the children by making the children feel loved and appreciated.
  • If a child is experiencing adjustment problems, she/he may be temporarily removed from the other children into an area, where she/he can be supervised and comforted individually by an adult. A child will not be allowed to hurt another child or to pose unnecessary discomfort to them.
  • The center reserves the right to adjust the child’s schedule or grouping to better suit her/his needs. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss any adjustment problems with the staff.
  • Corporal punishment, humiliation or frightening methods of control and discipline are not permitted under any circumstance. A child may not be deprived of food, rest or activity as a means of punishment. Punitive methods of getting a child to perform or achieve – including toilet-training – are forbidden.
  • As a Daycare and Preschool provider in Forest Hills, New York, all staff members in our Daycare facility that serves kids from all over Forest Hills, Queens and Kew Gardens will, upon employment, receive a copy of this statement, and a copy will be posted within the center and made available to parents.

Conveniently located in a beautiful residential neighborhood in Forest Hills, New York, Baby Steps Preschool / Infants has a modern facility that includes a fenced-in play area, attractive grounds, carefully selected toys and learning materials, and an extensive library of children’s books.

To get more information, you may give us a call at 718-451-6094 or set an appointment through this website.

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